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I'm Carter Bryden, the owner of Vie Development Works.

Vie began out of necessity, when my own clients and projects grew in success to the point that they were best served by a corporation rather than an individual.

Today, I recruit and organize teams as needed and lead them as a software developer under the umbrella of the company. Vie specializes in reliable, well made web applications, and solid communication with clients.

Past projects are still in use by a wide variety of organizations, from startups to federal government. If you need something built well, Vie can get it done right, on time and on budget.

Current & Past Work

Client: Nova-Tek Innovations

A white label online counselling platform for organizations like EAPs and government. Special features include in-browser video chat, extensive case management suite, and an intense focus on data safety and privacy. This has been successfully deployed for more than 5 years and is used by institutions across Canada. Though it handles thousands of counselling cases, on average there are less than 5 support requests per month for all Nuthera installations combined.

Independent Project is a paid deployment service for Elixir & Phoenix applications. It handles server configuration, database setup, updates, and more, focused entirely on making deploying Elixir apps as convenient and enjoyable as possible.

Client: Nova-Tek Innovations

Snack Map uses real-time GPS coordinates to track and display food truck locations in a variety of cities. These coordinates are either provided by GPS devices built in-house by Nova-Tek, or a mobile app for truck owners. Snack Map can spike at 20-50k simultaneous visitors during rush hours and has been designed to handle high traffic real-time websocket connections.

Independent Project

Forte Chat is a marketplace and online meeting platform that allows anyone with expert knowledge to sell, schedule, and hold consulting sessions - all within the browser and with nothing to install. The ideal users are freelancers, knowledge experts, coaches, tutors, and course creators. The focus is on making it incredibly easy for them to schedule, hold, and accept payments for online meetings with clients.

Carwash Management System
Client: Nova-Tek Innovations

A white-label product used at hundreds of locations across Canada & the US, this carwash management system allows owners to offer modern features such as:

* Loadable account cards
* Payment processing
* Admin/employee roles and restrictions
* Mobile applications for customers
* Employee access from the web
* Extensive reporting features
* Customizable marketing/landing page

Git Vendor
Independent Project

Git Vendor is a platform intended to make it feasible to easily sell access to private git repositories for use in customer projects. It handles payment processing for sellers, repository cloning/pulling access for customers, and offers features to easily manage customers with different purchase types for various levels of access to repositories.


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